Sunday, July 12, 2015

Real Life Sets In, and other considerations...

What is that saying? "The best laid plans of mice and men...", or something like that.

I have intended to make regular posts (and still intend to do so), but it seems 'real life' had other plans for the last couple months. First, I was sick for an entire month (summer colds are NOT fun, as many of us know), then the allergies hit immediately afterward; great timing, eh? And of course my wife caught a cold - a worse one - soon after.


Anyway, the last thing anyone wants to do is read about my real life issues, such as they are. I'm alive and well, and still able to play Traveller (and other games), so Life Is Good!

I've had a fair bit of time to contemplate a number of Traveller subjects recently. A discussion regarding time spent in Jump Space triggered a series of thoughts in my head, and now I'm considering a major re-write of human history in my version of the Traveller Universe. I want to keep much of the original, but 'make it my own'. Sound familiar?

Here are my thoughts, what I am considering. None of these ideas are set in stone (I am open to ideas, comments, etc; hint, hint!)

* People in Jump Space experience NO TRAVEL TIME; Jumps are 'instantaneous' for ship occupants. However, time still passes for those not in Jump Space. People who Travel regularly would have two ages: their chronological age, and their reduced age (reflecting the weeks - or even years - they have 'lost' due to Jump travel. This brings to mind a fairly significant number of social changes. Sounds like another blog topic...

* Warning! Sacrilege Ahead! I have always HATED the Aslan as a species. Too stereotypical for me, though the various authors have done an excellent job detailing their culture, language, and so forth. Of course, if I remove them from my campaigns, I have to replace them with another species (or fill in their area with other, current, species). A lot of work replacing that large of an area, but that's half the fun...

* I considered removing the Vargr as well, but soon came to the conclusion that Traveller is just not Traveller without the Vargr. Or the Ancients, for that matter.

* Speaking of Ancients... My Ancients weren't the first serious interstellar travelers. At least two other, major, 'precursor' species existed, though the time period between them and the Ancients is on the order of a million years or so.

* Ships and Rules. In my previous blog posts I detailed some of the ship rules I was planning to use. I still hope to use them, but probably with a few more minor changes. Rather than limiting High Guard-designed ships to 2000-tons or greater, any ship can be designed using those rules. However, Basic (CT) ship designs will be much less expensive (I plan to cut the CT drive costs in half, at least, while increasing military-constructed drives by a factor of at least two).

* Rather than having the Solomani Confederation be a rebelling/breakaway portion of the Third Imperium, I may have it start as a completely separate government/culture. However, as the Third Imperium expanded early in its new life, conflict between it and the Solomani would be inevitable, given the Solomani outlook. This may be more historical rewrite than I'm willing to tackle at this time. We'll see what my brain comes up with...

Ah, I see I'm almost starting to ramble a bit. That is more than enough for the moment from me. Anyway, feel free to make comments, or send me an email at the link below.

Keep On Travelling!
Dwayne Walstrom