Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ship Design Changes: Life Support Update

I went back over the numbers for standard Traveller life support earlier, while putting together some numbers for an economics comparison between design styles. I soon realized that, somewhere in my calculations, I seriously screwed up the life support numbers and costs (see my post on changes in my campaign's ship design process; Ship Design Changes #4.) I'm not sure how I managed to bollux that up, but I was probably tired.

Well, I had to change these numbers because, of course, I would go slowly nuts looking at incorrect data. When I worked out these numbers originally, my goals were to ease bookkeeping a bit for player groups (and myself), as well as make it easier to calculate life support costs and needs for long-term space endeavors.

So this time I CAREFULLY went over the numbers. I left the size and costs of the units themselves unchanged from what I developed earlier. I also used certain specific ship sizes for my initial calculations. I still used the Free Trader as the basis for the 'standard size' life support module. For the small sized module, I used the 4-stateroom Scout/Courier for the basis. And for the two larger modules, I merely increased from there, with some bonus support for volume efficiency. These newly-calculated numbers appear to work much better than the ones I had previously posted.

What I did this time is calculate the cost and 'man-days' of life support for a stateroom at double occupancy for a full 28-day period. Two people in one stateroom for 28 days, then divided into C3000 gives around Cr 53.5 per 'man-day'.

So here are the numbers I am using for this campaign setting. (And yes, this IS the final version!)

                  MODULES                                     REFILLS
Size                 Tons   MCr    Support        Cost (Cr)    Tons
Small                   5      2.5        200              12,500      0.25
Standard            10     5           500              30,000      0.5
Large                 20    10         1000             55,000       1
Huge                  50    20         2500            150,000      2

- Support listed in 'man-days'; each day a human (or equivalent) spends on the ship takes up one 'man-day' of support.
- Refill tonnage listed represents the volume of space required to carry extra supplies elsewhere in the ship. This is very useful when calculating life support for long exploration (or other) voyages.
- These calculations only work for Classic Traveller, The Traveller Book, and Mongoose Traveller-designed ships (as well as my house rules); they do not apply to High Guard-style military ships. For those I use the standard rules. After all, it's traditional, and we all know how the Vilani-inspired Imperial Navy follows tradition...