Saturday, March 28, 2015


How does the Third Imperium honor its Emperors? Or at least, how does it do so in a permanent form?

Could the Third Imperium have its own version of Mount Rushmore?

I could see a valley on Capital where the faces of the Emperors and Empresses are carved into permanent displays for the citizenry, complete with walking tours, grav-bus tours, shops, and the like.

Of course, finding room for such an endeavor on the highly-populated Imperial Capital may be an impossibility. This could result in such a memorial being constructed on another world, say some well-known vacation world, or an Imperial preserve world.

One other variation could be a location similar to various other shrines, such as the US of A's Lincoln Memorial. Memorials to commemorate specific battles, events, etc, would be scattered across the Imperium as well, and would be popular tourist stops, similar to Paris' Arch de Triomphe, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the US, and various other well-known memorials and locations around this one small planet.

These would make great tourist sights, and could also serve as the backdrop for an interesting encounter or two for player character parties.

The Third Imperium, with its long history, would likely have numerous such shrines and memorials scattered around its worlds. A collection of such locations would provide locations for the encounters mentioned above, and would complement the setting's rich history.